WHO ARE WE?

👑 Empressive Honey LLC

👑We are a contemporary fashion and beauty brand.

Aesthetic: boho/chic and vintage/ glam

Who is this brand for?

👑 For the woman with cultivated character and distinct decorum.

Our Story

👑In 2012, Empressive Honey LLC was created with the intention to celebrate women in all their glory.Our main focus was to provide beauty makeovers for everyday women. In 2019 Empressive Honey has evolved to include unique fashion and self-devolpment content to inspire women to express themselves at their epitome.

👑Name breakdown👑

Empressive- A woman who naturally stands out because of her character, manner and style. She actively strives to better herself and those around her.

Honey- Play on words to denote substance and inner beauty. Honey is also used in the context as an endearing nickname that expresses love and appreciation.

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