How to Believe in Yourself in 2021 ( 3-Steps)

How to Believe in Yourself in 2021 ( 3-Steps)

👑 Hey €mpresses/Kings,

We made it to 2021 and its time to make this year better than last year! Down below are a few steps that will help us make this year better.Also,please share your tips on what has helped you believe in yourself better! 


3 Steps On How To Believe In Yourself


1.Look at yourself in the mirror: Understand, your very existence is awe inspiring. Your existence did not come by chance but with purpose. Your physical body is a masterpiece within itself. Still to this day science is discovering new things about our masterful human bodies


2.Write down who you are on paper-Gain clarity on your current thoughts, beliefs, morals, values, goals and desires. This will bring much needed awareness of who you really are! You might be surprised during this discovery process. Doing this step will help you stand in your power.This will also  help you identify areas for improvement.


3. Be- Intentionally be yourself in all ways. Pay careful attention to how you show-up through your communication, physically,spiritually and emotionally. Before you sleep,reflect in your day and visualize how you can show even better for the next day.



*Remember, self- believe is a lifestyle and not an overnight process. Be patient with your self, forgive yourself and make the necessary changes you need to life your best !

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