Adversity is Necessary to BUILD character

Hey Empresses how are you feeling?
 I know this year has taken ALL of us on a disturbing trip. From Covid-19 to race relations we have been shaken up to say the least! 
This year has forced our eyes open and stretched us beyond our comfort zones. I want to implore you to keep on enduring. Please keep up the faith and never give up because these trials will be the main catalyst that will transform you for the better.
Here are a FEW TIPS on how to keep STRONG during these times:
1. Limiting negative media outlets.
- Media can awaken negative emotions in us.It's imperative that we consume media cautiously.
2. Exercising for at least 20 minutes a day.
-There are millions of free workouts videos on YouTube that will help you burn calories in a fun easy way.(My favorite workout videos are Afrifitness on Youtube, she does the best afrobeat workouts!) Working out will help balance your stress levels.
3. Discovering and implementing things you love to do.
-Doing you what you love will rekindle your passion in life again.
4. Most importantly Prayer
- My favorite scripture is Philippians 4:6,7 which promises us deep calmness if we utilize the power of prayer.
Hope you found these tips useful!
Comment below and let me know, what tips help get through tough times!?



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