Ultimate Homemade Guide to Repair Dry Cracked Heels


🌿👑Hey Empresses Let's Talk Feet!👑🌿

I'm sure your are tired of getting a pedicure and leaving with the heels of your feet even dryer than you left. If you're part of the dry cracked heel committee say "I"!!  Well,guess what ?! You can put your two weeks notice because Honey your heels is about to see a drastic makeover once you incorporate these effective remedies into your self-care routine!

So what can cause Dry Cracked Heels anyway?

1. Lack of Moisture

2. Irritation

3. Heat & Humidity

4. Aging

5. Prolong Standing

6. Underlying Medical Conditions/ Medication

7. Poor Feet Maintenance

Many of us women carry multiple roles that causes us to be on our feet ALL day! Leaving us with tired, sore, and dry heels. Unfortunately, even after going to do a professional pedicure we still find are heels feeling even drier few days after. Sometimes our demanding schedule and our budget makes it tough to meet the weekly-bi-weeky professional pedicure maintenance that we crave. Couple those factors with medical issues and or obesity can makes things even more complicated! I personally know and understand the struggle. That is why I feel impelled to share the secrets that I discovered that has turned my dry cracked heels to soft smooth heels for good!


So you Empresses ready for the secrets or Nah?

Ok ok here we go!

1. Homemade Foot Soak Recipe:

🌿 1/4 cup of conditioner & body wash  

🌿 Pour 1/4 cup of Listerine 

🌿 Pour cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)

🌿Pour a cap full of Peroxide(optional)

🌿 Soak Feet for 25 min in this mix

🌿 4 drops of tea tree

🌿 Fill small basin with warm water


2. Exfoliation:

Prepare a bowl of brown sugar and olive oil

1/ 2 cup of brown sugar to olive oil mix-up and 4 drops of tea tree oil.

Proceed to exfoliate your entire foot. Then follow up with Mr.Pumice Purple Pumi Bar scrubbing your heels in circular motion.

* Dry off feet and proceed to clean, shape and paint your toenails

3. Moisturize!

My top favorite foot lotions are by the brand Freeman.

4. Heal/ Seal

Best Heel Cream/ Sealant:

a. Urea 40% creme.(Available on Amazon.com)

Benefits- helps to breakdown dry build up on the heels of the foot.

b. Empressive Honey-Carotene Foot Salve:

A Potent foot conditioning treatment to regenerate, soothe and soften dry cracked heels. Infused with avocado oil, carrot seed oil and many other rich antioxidants to not only repair your cracked heels but also to beautify them. Available Now Under Beauty!

Do this soak at least 1-2x a month.Use Mr. Pumice bar on your heels at least 3x a week in the shower. Follow up with a foot lotion, urea heel cream and Empressive Honey Foot Salve listed above.

Immediate Benefits of this Pedicure:

🌿Fresh/ Minty feet

🌿Whiter Toenail beds

🌿Soft, Smooth conditioned heels and feet.

🌿Feet will feel awake and light when walking.

Follow-up with me in a week. I would love to hear and see your heel makeover! Oh and don't keep it a secret !Share with your fellow Empresses and Kings👑 Enjoy💜








Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Use your discretion and or consult with your doctor when following this home-made recipe. In addition, consider your allergies and or skin sensitivities. Empressive Honey LLC is not responsible for intentional or unintentional consequences of using this recipe Thank You for your understanding.






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